Free Renters Breakfast – Rogue Valley Tenants Union

2017 January 28
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Free Renters Breakfast

Saturday, February 11 – 9:00 AM
Ashland First Congregational United Church of Christ
717 Siskiyou Blvd, Ashland

Come and learn how we can build tenants power by uniting with our community of renters and owners and fight together to survive in this housing crisis.

Find out about your rights as renter, about local and statewide efforts to challenge the laws preventing rent control and eliminating no-cause evictions. Learn about the efforts of the Portland Tenant’s Union and how we can emulate this model of solidarity building.

This event is family friendly. Enjoy some pancakes, eggs,fruit, coffee, tea, juice, and tenant power.

The City is asking citizens to help inform an update of the Housing Element of Ashland’s Comprehensive Plan by completing a brief questionnaire regarding the City’s existing housing goals and policies.

2017 January 11
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The Comprehensive Plan is the guiding document for directing future land use within the City of Ashland.  The Plan incorporates specific elements related to the appropriate arrangement of and process for evaluating land uses including: citizen participation, environmental resources, population projections, urbanization, growth, housing, economy, aesthetic resources, public services, transportation, and energy.  The Comprehensive Plan recognizes the idea that over time the City will continue to grow and change, and that the Plan will serve as a guide to make sure that the growth and changes are in the best interests of current and future Ashland residents.  This Plan is required to acknowledge Oregon’s Statewide Planning Goals and insure that the decisions made in the present do not eliminate future planning options.

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Ashland Housing Crisis / Renter Protections Organizing Meeting

2016 December 30
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Ashland Housing Crisis / Renter Protections Organizing Meeting
Sponsored by Southern Oregon Housing For All  (SOHFAt
Wed.   January 11   6:30 PM
Temple Emek Shalom,   1800 E. Main   Ashland
Ashland’s housing/ rental crisis continues to worsen.
  • Rent increases / evictions are growing
  • Housing cost have risen faster than any city in US.
  • Winter shelters for homeless are bulging capacity
  • Little to no action from Ashland city officials
Southern Oregon Housing for All, a collaboration that has been meeting weekly since the August Ashland Housing Forum is organizing for immediate positive solutions and effective actions.
In August we held a well attended housing forum at Ashland Library to gather and share ideas, prioritize positive solutions to our housing crisis.    Since that time the underlying problems have grown worse.   With new city council getting ready for the new year we need to be in action.
We invite you to join us on January 11 at 6:30 at Emek Shalom to review our action agenda and plan an effective campaign to council to implement real solutions
Our four priority areas for action:
  • implement new renter protections that Oregon legislature has passed for cities including 90 notice, and support ending no cause evictions
  • adequately fund Ashland’s current Housing Trust Fund which is currently not functional
  • establish full week  24/7 winter homeless shelters
  • provide land and funding for Ashland’s Tiny Home project
Please join us to help initiate our campaign for local action and building toward statewide legislation in 2017

Free Renter’s Breakfast

2016 November 24
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breakfast-clipart-breakfast-clipart-02The Rogue Valley is suffering an affordable housing crisis!

Residents are struggling to pay the bills while inflated deposits, rising rents and no-cause evictions are forcing more working poor families out of our community.

What can we do? We can organize!!!

Free Renters Breakfast

Saturday, November 26th – 9:00 AM
Ashland First Congregational United Church of Christ
717 Siskiyou Blvd, Ashland

Come and learn how we can build tenants power by uniting with our community of renters and owners and fight together to survive in this housing crisis.

Find out about your rights as renter, about local and statewide efforts to challenge the laws preventing rent control and eliminating no-cause evictions. Learn about the efforts of the Portland Tenant’s Union and how we can emulate this model of solidarity building.

This event is family friendly. Enjoy some pancakes, eggs,fruit, coffee, tea, juice, and tenant power.

Sponsored by Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice and ROOT – Residential Options Outreach Team

For more information call Jason at 541-690-2807 or email

Come Honor Rep. DeFazio and STOP the TPP!

2016 October 18
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To Fair Traders along Interstate 5 between Ashland and Springfield:



Come to Springfield this Friday to honor our long time Fair Trade Champion in Congress, Representative Peter DeFazio.  He has been there for working people since before disastrous NAFTA and we want to show our appreciation for his steadfast and unwavering support!

This honoring celebration will be from 2pm to 4pm in Lively Park in Springfield.  This afternoon schedule makes it very doable for folks to carpool.  Along with honoring Rep. DeFazio we will be rallying for the upcoming trade fight of our lives.  We are gearing up for President Obama’s big push to pass the TPP during the lame duck session (after the election).  It takes all of us in Oregon and across the country, every fair trade activist to step up, grab a shovel and bury the TPP deeply for good in 2016.

Bring your organization’s banner to display. There will be tabling opportunities for organizations.  Make an individual sign (a big one with your town’s name like “Grants Pass” or “Sutherlin” will help show that Oregonians from all over the state are firmly against this horrible and undemocratic trade deal.

It is not guaranteed, however we are looking for funds to help cover the cost of gasoline for carpools that make the r/t journey to Springfield.  It is time to plan a road trip for justice, time to bury the TPP for good!

The primary supporters for this event are the Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network/Jobs with Justice (ESSN) and the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign (ORFTC) with many other groups signing on with support.

Stop the TPP Rally

Friday, Oct 21st, 2pm
Lively Park
6100 Thurston Rd, Springfield, OR 97478

Flyer for sharing and printing is here
Invite your friends on Facebook here
Portland Car Pool Sign Up
Rogue Valley Car Pool Sign Up
If you have any question, comments, or ideas, please send them my way!
In Solidarity,

Jason Houk
Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice

Community Rally for Jackson County Workers

2016 October 3
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Our 600 Jackson County employees are at a dead end after contract bargaining starting back in February comes to a standstill and they now find themselves working without a contract since June.  County management refuses to recognize the work they do for the community and settle a fair contract.

Time for the community to understand what is going on and to show workers the respect that is lacking from county administration.  These workers provide important services for everyone in Jackson County.  They keep our roads clear, the airport operating and our communities safe while providing vital health and human services.  It is way past time they be treated with respect for the jobs they do.

Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice stands with our Jackson County employees and will join them in solidarity this Wednesday, October 5th, 12 noon at Alba Park in Medford. I hope you will join us.

For more info, check out this exclusive interview on KSKQ with Jackson County Employees. If you have any questions, please let me know.

In solidarity,

Jason Houk
Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice

SOJWJ Co-sponsoring Ashland Housing and Homelessness Workshops, Action Groups and Fundraiser

2016 August 18
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crisis action full

On Saturday, August 20th at SOU in Ashland there will be an all day event focused on housing and homelessness. There will be many discussions around these issues, but we’re going to focus on solutions and together we can decide what our next steps as a community will be. We’ve felt such compassion and love being lobbied towards us since our family’s personal housing crisis began and we want to take that and turn it into to creating positive change.


Ashland Housing and Homelessness Workshops, Action Groups and Fundraiser

August 20th, 2016
Meese Auditorium and Art Building
Southern Oregon University


Issues we will be taking action on: Amending city ordinances to allow car camping in Ashland, Pioneer Hall and use of public spaces, adequate winter shelter, Supporting the Ashland Housing Trust Fund, defending against predatory property management practices, as well as identifying the next steps to alleviate our affordable housing crisis.


All Day – Fundraiser for Houk Family Housing –  Silent Auction

All Day – Get your “call to action’ on local and statewide homelessness

and affordable housing campaigns

All Day – Refreshments and light snacks

11am – 1 pm – .Workshop – How to move forward on Ashland Car Camping and

Tiny Houses programs. At 11:30 am, there will be a discussion with Alex Daniell, who is a tiny home builder in Eugene. Alex is with SquareOne Villages who built Opportunity Village in Eugene and he can tell us the details about the car camping program there.

1:30 – 3:30 – Movie: The Grapes of Wrath in Meese Auditorium

4 pm – 5 pm – Ashland Culture of Peace Listening Circle and next step planning

5 pm – WE Community Meal with music and community discussions

7 pm – 9 pm  – Concert Benefit and Talent Show with Gene Burnett

Groups involved in this forum include Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice, WE Community Meals,  Residential Outreach Options Team (ROOT), Ashland Culture of Peace Commission, UN Club of Southern Oregon University, Native American Studies program and International Students of SOU.

For more information, call 541-690-2807 or visit

Starting on August 20 at 7:30 am items for the silent auction can be dropped off outside of the Meese Auditorium (Art Building. Park near the Art Museum). Volunteers will be on hand to assist. If you have questions about your donations, please contact Kathleen Gamer at

“Clearest indication yet” a TPP vote is coming…

2016 August 15
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via Citizens Trade Campaign

SantaRosa3On Friday, the White House gave official notice to Congress that it plans to submit implementing legislation for the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) before the end of the year.

The newspaper Politico called the move “the clearest indication yet” that the administration is serious about forcing a lame duck vote on the TPP.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your Congress members it’s time to pick a side and voice their opposition to the TPP.

Negotiated for years behind closed doors with the aid of hundreds of corporate lobbyists, the TPP would enrich corporate elites while posing huge risks to the economy, environment and public health for almost everyone else.

The key provision in the TPP grants multinational corporations the right to sue the U.S. government before a panel of three corporate lawyers, who can award these corporations unlimited sums to be paid by America’s taxpayers, including for the loss of expected future profits.  This threatens a wide range of public interest policies on the environment, food safety, financial regulations and more.

Not only that, the TPP is modeled after past trade agreements that have already cost us millions of good-paying jobs, and would make it even easier for big corporations to ship jobs to repressive countries overseas.  It would also lower wages by pitting American workers against highly-exploited workers abroad making less than 65 cents an hour.

Too many policymakers are using the excuse that they don’t think the TPP will come up for a vote this year to avoid taking a position.  The White House’s action on Friday shows just how dangerous that thinking is.

TAKE ACTION: Urge your Congress members to side with constituents over Wall Street and speak out against the TPP.

The TPP certainly doesn’t have the votes to pass before the election.  Knowing this, the corporations pushing this massive corporate power grab are now trying to sneak it through during the brief “lame duck” session of Congress immediately after the election.  Unfortunately, Friday’s move shows the White House is going along with their plan.

The best way to stop these shenanigans is to ensure there simply isn’t enough support in Congress for the TPP to be approved — both before and after the election.  That’s why we need Congress members to speak out vociferously against this awful deal today.  Please take action.

Thank you for support,

Arthur Stamoulis, Executive Director

Tentative Agreement Reached at Oregon Shakespeare Festival

2016 June 9
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Early morning on June 7 the crew of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival reached a tentative agreement of their contract! Thank you to everyone who participated in sending letters and showing support. It’s been a long process, taking 659 days from the initial meeting to the tentative agreement.


If the contract is ratified, the OSF crew will be sworn-in as the new IATSE Local 154 (If you’re a Shakespeare buff, you might recognize 154 as the total number of sonnets penned by the Bard.)

Click here to see the latest from the crew at OSF.

Dirty Energy and Dirty Money and How We Can Fix It!

2016 June 9
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Common Cause Oregon teamed up with environmental advocates to investigate how big money tried to block major clean energy reform in the Oregon legislature.

And now they want to share their research with you.

June 23rd 7:00 pm-8:30 pm, Ashland

Doors open at 6:30 pm

Click Here to RSVP

Featuring insights from: State Representative Peter Buckley, David Hyde from Move to Amend, Daniel Lewkow from Common Cause Oregon, Lee Lull from Southern Oregon Climate Action Now and Jeff Golden from Immense Possibilities on Southern Oregon Public Television