SOJWJ Searches for Community Kitchen

2017 October 8
by admin

 Donations support Ashland’s Community Kitchen Campaign.

Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice supports the Ashland Community Peace Meal, providing meals and resources for folks in need. Volunteers also support other community food distributions throughout the week. Besides providing warm, nutritious meals; the program connects volunteers, resources and services for our most vulnerable communities.

“Having regular access to healthy food goes a long way in helping to begin to stabilize people and we’re able to do that thanks to the dozens of community volunteers who help.” says project coordinator Vanessa Houk. “Volunteers are cooking, serving and supporting meals five days a week in Ashland. This, plus another kitchen on Tuesdays, insures that there’s a meal every day of the week and lately that adds up to about 300 meals a week.”

The community kitchen project hopes to create a space for the volunteers to store and prepare food, a place for training in culinary skills and a space suitable for the commercial preparation of food.

Donations can be sent to Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice – 258 A Street #1-220 in Ashland or on the website or via PayPal.


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