The City is asking citizens to help inform an update of the Housing Element of Ashland’s Comprehensive Plan by completing a brief questionnaire regarding the City’s existing housing goals and policies.

2017 January 11
by admin


The Comprehensive Plan is the guiding document for directing future land use within the City of Ashland.  The Plan incorporates specific elements related to the appropriate arrangement of and process for evaluating land uses including: citizen participation, environmental resources, population projections, urbanization, growth, housing, economy, aesthetic resources, public services, transportation, and energy.  The Comprehensive Plan recognizes the idea that over time the City will continue to grow and change, and that the Plan will serve as a guide to make sure that the growth and changes are in the best interests of current and future Ashland residents.  This Plan is required to acknowledge Oregon’s Statewide Planning Goals and insure that the decisions made in the present do not eliminate future planning options.

The Comprehensive Plan addresses several interrelated elements of the Community.  Currently the City is undertaking an update of the Housing Element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, which has not been revised in many years.  The current policies have resulted in many concrete actions that have served to promote a range of housing types commensurate with income levels within the community.  The City has been vigilant in its effort to plan for needed housing through implementation of its Housing Program including the establishment of a Housing and Human Services Commission and the development of numerous tools and incentives targeted at providing a variety of housing options.  As an integral part of this Plan update, the City is asking the community to provide ideas and opinions to shape the housing goals and policies to benefit its residents.

In the questions that follow you will be asked to review existing policies within the Housing Element of the Comprehensive Plan. The questionnaire concludes with an open ended question for you to state what you feel should be considered in updating the Housing Element of the Ashland Comprehensive Plan.  While Ashland does not see itself as a provider or major developer of housing, its policy and land development ordinances will have an impact on land availability, development sites, and housing types which will be used to meet the Cityʼs housing needs.  Your help in updating these policies is much appreciated.


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