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2015 June 10
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House Bill 3470-A, the Climate Stability and Justice Act is alive in the Oregon State Legislature.   It has been passed by the House Energy and Environment Committee and is now before the House Rules Committee where a Study Session is scheduled.  If it passes out of the Rules Committee, which we are optimistic it will do, the bill will move to the Joint Ways & Means Committee (comprising half Senate members and half House members).  The Bill will probably not be sent to the floor of these assemblies unless there is a head count revealing that the bill has a very good chance of passing.  It is important, therefore, to contact members of these committees and other representatives to encourage support for the bill.

This bill is modeled on the California 2006 Cap and Trade Bill (AB32) and will cap greenhouse gas emissions according to the targets spelled out in Oregon’s 2007 House Bill 3543 passes by the legislature and signed  by Governor Kulongoski:

  • By 2010, arrest the growth of Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions and begin to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • By 2020, achieve greenhouse gas levels that are 10 percent below 1990 levels.
  • By 2050, achieve greenhouse gas levels that are at least 75 percent below 1990 levels.

Although the Oregon legislature accepted / enacted these goals, no enabling legislation accompanied it – so the state is far behind a necessary trajectory to achieve the targets.

A one page summary of the details of HB3470 can be found here: HB3470-A May.

A summary of polling data suggest that the HB3470 approach is preferred by Oregonians to the Cap and Dividend approach.

It is important that WE ALL contact representatives to express our views on this issue:

If you can do no more, please sign this Petition.  If you can do more, please read on….

In order to encourage passage of this bill, it is time for all hands on deck.

Critical targets for these expressions are our regional representatives,  members of the House and Senate Leadership Team, and members of the House Rules Committee & the Joint Ways and Means Committee.

Contact Information for these representatives can be found at SOCAN’s State Political Action Page.

For more information regarding the Bills, visit SOCAN’s Political Action Update.

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