Public Forum to end fast track and stop the TPP

2015 April 2
by admin

Oregon can’t afford another free trade deal like NAFTA. 

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is key to stopping the effort by President Obama and Senate Republicans to rush the terrible Trans Pacific Partnership through Congress on a “Fast Track.”  We must persuade Senator Ron Wyden to stand with Oregon’s workers and say NO to Fast Track and NO to the Trans Pacific Partnership.

There will be a public town hall on Monday, April 6th, 2 PM at the Medford Public Library.  Get the facts about the issues and learn about the latest developments: Fast Track means our voices will not be heard and that the Trans Pacific Partnership will be pushed through Congress, causing jobs to leave Oregon, environmental protections to vanish and democracy to be undermined.

photo by Allen Hallmark

photo by Allen Hallmark

The forum is designed to draw informed activists who wish to know more about the critical nature of why the month of April is critical and how we can convince Senator Wyden to the efforts to stop “Fast Track” legislation (and, consequently, the TPP) from being enacted. It is also to get participants to urge their colleagues to attend an anti-TPP rally at Vogel Plaza scheduled for Saturday, April 18, as part of a nationwide effort that day to put the brakes on “Fast Track”.

Please join Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice, Oregon Strong Voice, Oregon AFL-CIO and many other community partners on April 6th at 2 PM to end Fast Track, stand against the TPP, and take action to help Oregon workers.

Flyer: Medford Fair Trade Town Hall  (PDF)
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