Walmart Workers Strike in Klamath Falls & Medford

2014 November 28
by admin

In Medford, Oregon at the South Medford Supercenter over 50 people showed up on Thanksgiving to support Jennifer and Ish, two of the three striking Klamath Falls workers, who joined us on the picket line.  The workers are on a three day strike to fight for better wages, working conditions and protection from retaliation. This incredible response came from a very diverse and supportive community.  Included were 4 or more teachers with the Medford Educaton Association who were forced to strike for 11 days in Feb., 2014.

Oregon State Representative district 5 Peter Buckley joined us on the picket line where he had face to face discussions with striking workers Ish and Jennifer. Then Peter spoke at the 11:30 press conference to an energetic crowd and we heard some very encouraging support from one of Oregon’s working class heros.  Peter Buckley has always been a voice for working people.

Brain Labor Report 11.26.2014 – Report from the picket lines

On the Brain Labor Report we celebrate Black Friday with the striking workers in Klamath Falls. They are picketing for protection from retaliation for their efforts to improve wages and working conditions.

We are joined in the studio by Ivend Holen with Occupy Medford and Citizens for Responsible Development.  We talk with Mackenzie Baris, the NE Field Organizer with Jobs with Justice about organizing efforts across the nation.

We get a live report from Klamath Falls from Wes Brain. We talk with Walmart workers Jennifer and Ish about the reasons they are on strike.

We also talk with Austin with SEIU about worker retaliation and Right to Work states.

“It is about respect.” Ish, striking Walmart worker.

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Walmart Action gallery by David Blackman

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