HCAO Movement Building in Southern Oregon

2014 October 2
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HCAO’s Speakers Training followed by a public presentation of The Healthcare Movie get high marks in Southern Oregon.

by the HCAO Southern Oregon Media Team

Ashland, OR–9/28/14 – Thirteen Southern Oregon attendees were joined by six Health Care for All–Oregon leaders who traveled from upstate for Sunday’s “Train the Trainer/Speakers Training” held in the Old Ashland Armory. The 3 hour long session was hosted by “The Jefferson Center” which provided the location, their office space in the basement of the historic armory on Oak Street. The rigorous training included “telling individual healthcare stories” and “answering tough questions.” One participant Susan Doherty from Occupy Medford said, “For me, the most valuable portion was working in a group to handle the tough questions that will arise in future discussions with the public and legislators. The interaction led to answers that were sometimes outside the box and always insightful. I learned a great deal from the other participants.” Attendees got to practice their skills at the public gathering which followed at Pioneer Hall in Lithia Park.

a panel of HCAO experts takes questions from the audience.

At the public movie in Pioneer Hall, a panel of HCAO experts takes questions from the audience. L to R: Mike Huntington, Gene Uphoff, Lee Mercer, Wes Brain and Jerry Reed.

The Jefferson Center hosted the public event later at 4pm and invited HCAO to provide education about Oregon’s growing campaign for universal publicly funded health care.  60 people filled Pioneer Hall for a public screening of The Health Care Movie which was followed by questions from the audience.  Answers came from a panel mix of local and upstate leaders.  Jerry Reed representing HCAO-Josephine County and Wes Brain from HCAO-Rogue Valley were joined by Larry Stewart, Lee Mercer, Gene Uphoff and Mike Huntington.  Tough questions were asked, like:  “How are you going to pay for it?”, “Doesn’t the ACA take care of the problem?” and “Who do you mean when you say ‘Everybody In’?”  Another set of tough questions revolved around “How would the proposed Health Care for All plan work as compared to the Canadian Plan?” Collectively every tough question was answered in a positive way. These weren’t tough questions, they were opportunities.


At the end of Sunday “Health Care for All Rogue Valley” had gathered a sign-up list of seventeen people who want future “HCAO Lobby Training for the Legislature–Day/Time TBA, and 9 locals signed up for the big HCAO Rally on the Capitol Steps on February 11, 2015.  This new list will grow quickly.

Health Care for All–Rogue Valley appreciates and sends a big thank you to The Jefferson Center for providing this important health care education!

On behalf of the Jefferson Center’s Community Action Committee I want to thank all of the participants of this past Sunday’s programs on healthcare for all. Several member of our committee/organization, including myself, attended the speaker training program which was enlightening and educational. I am equally thankful to those that participated in the panel discussion following the showing of The Health Care Movie. And an extra thanks to those who did double duty. While I don’t feel totally confident in my ability to effectively inform anyone just yet on this important topic, I am well on my way. A special thanks to all who made the long car trip from up north to teach and inform us. Your passion and dedication to this movement is infectious. In the future, after more continuing education, maybe I will be as effective leader in this cause as you all are. I would like to have had more time to visit with each and every one of you but the day went fast and we all had lots to do. Hopefully we will have a chance to work together again soon.

Thanks again,

Diana Spade
Community Action Committee/The Jefferson Center


To learn more about Health Care for All, visit HCAO.org

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