Fast Track Petition Presentation to Sen Wyden’s Field Rep, Molly McCarthy

2014 September 4
by admin

Six local leaders met with Molly McCarthy Skundrick on Sept 2, 2014, and presented her with seven pages of signatures (over 150 names) of Oregonians opposed to potential efforts by Senator Ron Wyden, who is working to promote the passage of the Trans Pacific Partnership by pushing through Congress Nixon-era legislation known as Fast Track Authority. This legislation, if passed, would cut off debate, disallow any amendments, and require only a straight-up or down vote on the TPP Trade Agreement.

Half the signatures came from Southern Oregonian working people, which were collected at the Labor Day Picnic at Tou Velle Park on the Rogue River the day before. Those joining Ivend Holen in presenting the petition to Molly included fellow OFTC board member Wes Brain, Jason Houk, of the SOJWJ board (and Rogue Valley Community Press), Ron Sanderfer of Occupy Medford, David Meyers of SEIU Local 503, Renee Sunni Sinjem of SOJWJ’s board, and Robert Doell, President of Veterans for Peace, Chapter 156.

In a brief ceremony, Ivend Holen read the text of the petition to Molly and then asked her to deliver it to the Senator, and she said she would do so. Members of the group held up a large banner declaring that Smart Track is only Fast Track in Disguise, and donned their Groucho glasses disguise to help make the point, as Molly courteously agreed to pose with the group behind the banner.


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